Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Commodore's Log 4

Storming the fortress

We returned to a source of great shame on my part. This world shouldn’t have fallen. If I hadn’t been complacent the Empire would have been prepared for this, but because of my negligence it was not. An entire planets population destroyed and the blame lies almost solely with me. I’m trying to keep a straight face but I can’t live with this failure on my part. If it weren’t for Killian, Talathel and the need to right wrongs such as these… I would have ended it long ago. But I have a duty. Not to myself but to my friends, family, empire and partners to carry on. And I won’t disappoint them. In the siege I used the weird do hickey to “hack” into some system and after reading some juicy gossip I found out that once again their weakness was in their sewer systems. We’re on to something, for some reason they just never think people would be willing to go down there. So we got through the sewers, although war tactics are developing at an alarming rate. I fear I may have gotten to war late for honour and glory. But anyway our elite unit made it’s way through the the sewers only losing 40 men out of the 1000 to poison gas. Once again we found one of those weird constructs that controls the defences of the ilithids, and promised to free it as long as it agreed to aid us in the war effort. So we set of to free it. By defeating the commander of the ilithids no less. It turned out to be 60ft tall and able to paralyze an army. Naturally we charged it head on. Our forces took few loses. The army on the other hand was decimated. We did alleviate that loss by forcing the ilithids to play their hand early but the losses were still staggering. Although the commander informed us it was a success. I’m not sure that’s what I’d call it but I’m sure Talathel will make wonders from the battle. We were then informed we were returning to the capital. Torrin and I agreed we should travel there immediately to see what the crisis was. It was terrifying, their ships blotted out the sky. The capital is under assault from an armada of illithid ships. We’re used to fighting one or two, in their territory. How can we hope to win this war when not even the capital is safe from these abominations?!



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