Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 8

Invaders must die

With great effort and cost Feldspar has been retaken. I remember when I was there for the original defence, before the church made me available to the empire and I was assigned to this curious team I find myself in. It feels so long ago. Feldspar itself had changed significantly since I last saw it, the Invaders had engaged in some serious reconstruction. Still it was no match for the fantastic new weaponry which is being fielded now. Massive artillery pieces that shake the earth as they fire. Multiple barrelled firearms with a immense rate of fire. All very impressive, I wonder what other advancements will be made.

There was a lot of downtime whilst the guns were assembled and somehow Silvanto used the… thing to somehow gain access to their systems. It was mostly gossip from some form of personal message platform. Honestly it was great, I managed to convince them to help me write a novel from the material. Hardly high class stuff but should be good enough to entertain and maybe make some coin. That bard of his even wrote a pretty stellar love ballad which I made use of. Speaking of him, I’m not entirely sure I trust him. Between the inordinate amount of time and money spent on him and the fact I saw him casting spells on Silvanto and Killian I’m pretty sure that bastard is charming them for their money. I would normally overlook this on the fact that he actually seems to make Silvanto happy and despite what some may conclude from my actions I do actually consider him a dear friend so I’m loathe to upset him. However, with any luck, at some point soon Silvanto is going to be the head of the house and he’s going to need that gold to restore it to glory. Not to mention that hopefully with some more luck I’ll be part of that house and by extension his gold will be MY gold. I suppose I’ll have a word with him when the time comes, no need to get hasty.

As for our part in the retaking of Feldspar, we were assigned a small contingent of elite troops and were to infiltrate the city via the sewer system (I used to complain whenever we went into a sewer but at this point it’s become such a successful strategy I think I’m beginning to enjoy it) and generally hamper and sabotage the defenders efforts. There was a series of death traps in those sewers but we made it out relatively unscathed and found another construct. Same deal as before, find the crystal located inside the local commander. Apparently this garrison’s commander was the spawn of something called Cthulhu. It was massive and rather hideous (even by my rather lenient standards, spending time with devils will do that) but our assault forced it to play it’s trump card, overloading the minds of our troops with some form of mental attack, early and soon after we disposed of the beast. With their commander gone the rest of the Invaders retreated and we set free the construct who seemed grateful for their freedom.

We reported back to the commander who noted that despite excessive casualties the mission was an “overwhelming success”. Now I’m not one to be uneasy about sacrificing lives for the greater good but I’m not sure this level of death is sustainable. I’ll begin to take a more active role in leading and drilling my troops, at this rate we need to get the most out of them as we can. I think I’ll also try and further cement my position in the Imperial Army as on reflection I am probably more use to the church in a position of influence and power than serving as an agent on any odd job they ask of me. Although all this supposes we are successful, we were quickly ordered to get our men back on the ship. Silvanto and I decided to teleport to the capital to see what the situation was and it’s bleak. I’ve never seen so many Invader ships before. How exactly we are meant to fight those legions of advanced ships I have no idea. Against such impossible odds it is perhaps faith that is our greatest weapon and I pray that the gods will deliver us from this evil.

Great is Asmodeus.



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