Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Number 2261952616
Calling Number 2257211973

Torrin awoke in a room he almost instantly recognised. Bland uninteresting walls, shoddily constructed table barely able to hold the weight of all inane magazines and journals that nobody would ever want to read but would provide the only form of recreation in this room. A foul smell pervaded the air and the sound of children screaming and crying would cut the silence occasionally although no children could be seen in this small box of torment. The chair he was sat in was truly a masterwork of carpentry, for it was uncomfortable almost immediately and no amount of adjustment would help. It would both creak and squeak at almost any change in weight. It was secured to the ground making it impossible to lean back on the chair, even if one was foolish enough to believe that they would not fall or cause the chair to break as all the weight was forced onto two legs and to sit in the chair for long periods of time would no doubt cause severe postural problems. It takes a lot of effort to craft a chair so terrible and he felt obliged to recognise such craftsmanship. No doubt about it he was in Hell’s Waiting Room. Instinctively he reached into one of his robe pockets and pulled out a long strip of paper with an immense number written on it. He compared it to the “Now Seeing:” counter and was content that it would be a significant length of time before he would join the Legions of Hell.

It was apparent that the abominable Hive Mind had figured out that Torrin could only continue to endure due to the healing music of Talathel. There was no doubt that Talathel would be dead already, why Silvanto insisted on bringing someone he evidently cares so much about to extremely dangerous situations was somewhat lost on Torrin but then again he wasn’t terribly knowledgeable on the whole “love” thing. Still he was confident that the others would prevail without him, after all failure was not acceptable. Asmodeus (Great is He) and his Legions must emerge victorious in their conflict with the one called Cthulhu. Furthermore, they would need to kill the monk which seemed highly unlikely.

Despite the truly awful nature of the room he was currently trapped in Torrin found it all to be a welcome reprieve from his current life. He wasn’t being slashed apart by an alien abomination, nor having to face a god and he certainly wasn’t having to deal with Lilith. He really wasn’t looking forward to that. As Lilith crossed his mind he simply more convinced that freedom was at fault for everything that went wrong. All this began when the cage protecting the hole in reality was moved allowing free movement for the Invaders. They freed the constructs and they used their new found free will to plot and move against their liberators. Introducing the concept of individuality to mirror elementals may have allowed the team to gain the Deck of Many Things but that backfired horribly for Torrin. It increased his power and granted him nobility. On the other hand it gave reality altering power to the amoral fey sorceress who proceeded to use it to become fey nobility. Even giving that power to Agony would be better in Torrin’s eyes. To add insult to injury the empire’s forces are being commanded rather successfully by someone under a Geas. All this left him wondering just when would Asmodeus (Great is He) finally save us all from ourselves and subject us to his glorious rule.

This thought however was interrupted as his soul was torn from Hell and placed back inside his body. While no longer launching projectile gore from his wounds everything still hurt. The pain faded into obscurity when he took notice of the situation. Down from the vents familiar looking dust clouds floated towards the beaten corpse of the Hive Mind….

Commodore's Log 5
Everything's gone

I haven’t written in this for quite some time. I didn’t feel the need to. Everything seemed to be improving. We’d taken the fortress, found the deck of many things and saved the capital from the assault of the great spooky ones great armada. But it came at such a heavy cost. The Empire’s fleet is in disarray. The Imperial Royal Family have fled to safety, as if such a thing exists any more in this world and I’ve lost everything. My family is all but gone, not that I cared greatly for them anyway but it still stings. My titles have been given to the damn Ofilyns upon the time of my death, not that I was planning on having children but the point remains. Not to mention that both my immortal soul and the souls of my lovers are bound to the diabolist himself. Although I still trust him not to abuse my faith in him as a friend. But what is any of this in comparison to the loss of both Killian and Talathel. I realise Torrin will bring them back but it will require time and effort which we don’t have right now. We have two damn weeks to save the universe from the abominations I released all that time ago.

After all this time I struggle to remember the man I used to be. The naive idealist who believed he could redeem his family and be a hero to a great Empire that ruled the skies. Fed the stories from my grandfather I truly believed I was destined for greatness, a legend in the making. But what am I other than a shattered man who damned everyone and everything he loved. At this point my best hope is to die in the climax of the war. Die a martyr to the cause of keeping these monsters at bay. At least I know Torrin will look after the Drake name in my stead. When he brings me back I’ll shed my name and titles, I don’t want to further sully the name of the idealistic hero I once was. I’ll serve my own title in secret, worst case scenario I’ll only bring shame to a fictional persona. It’ll make an interesting story for Talathel and give Killian something to do.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 9
Dinner with the Ofilyns and planar rebellions

It has been five years since I dropped everything and began my work with The Church. I made a conscious decision to cut ties with my family. Three older brothers made any chance of inheriting the family business unlikely and father was always… unimpressed with pursuits that brought no benefit to the family in some way. I suppose it was inevitable that I’d return some day.

It was shortly after we paid a visit to the Drakes to find that terribly tragedy had befallen Silvanto’s father, mother and two brothers. Apparently there was an awful mess and Jeeves guessed that Devils may be in play. I suppose Agony following behind me did not help me look innocent. He’s now lord of the house although his sister Lillith is acting regent. I took a look at their finances and they are grim. No production of any kind for centuries, massive luxury expenses which in turn have incurred massive debt. Managed to get some production up with undead workers but it’ll be a while before they produce anything. Next time I visit I think I’ll take a look at their tax situation, see if I can’t find some loopholes. Not much time at all had passed before we filed back onto the ship to try and defend the capital. However after some discussion it was agreed we would be much more helpful we sought after a magical artifact to aid in our defence, The Deck of Many Things. Last known location was the Elemental Plane of Mirrors. We needed to be adequately provisioned before embarking and that required somewhere with powerful magical items for sale. Capitals of other empires would be sufficiently developed enough but teleporting to them would be difficult. So we decided to go somewhere that I could actually teleport to.

The home planet of House Ofilyn.

It was about 10 minutes after we arrived that we were approached by a number of rather rough looking men all sporting the insignias of House Ofilyn who were to escort us to my father. It briefly occurred to me that they couldn’t make me go, but that would make father even more upset and send out some of his more capable employees. Before I knew it I was back in family villa that I grew up in. I think even Silvanto was taken back by the general wealth of the place. Just seeing the villa was a nice nostalgic experience, it reminded me of a time before everything became so serious. Speaking of which we were shown into a rather lavish study and soon my father made his appearance. It would appear that age hasn’t slowed him down at all or made him any less intimidating. Apparently he had been keeping an eye on me all this time and his displeasure at my disrespecting of the family was very evident. Thankfully I was able to ward of some of his wrath by explaining some plans which may benefit the family, most importantly the Drake plan. Whilst the Drakes are far from the most prestigious family they are desperate and between Silvanto’s efforts to bring glory back to the Drake name and my more pragmatic manoeuvring before you know it the name Drake will be associated with wealth, power and prestige, it’s line headed by two war heroes of the greatest war that’s ever been. Well perhaps not before you know it, I’m planning a long runner . But that’s for another day.

Despite the grilling it was actually good to see father again, in fact it was good to see everyone again (even if most of them despise me). Mother was lovely and jovial as always (although still no nonsense enough to drag me to our shrine to Sarenrae after the team stabbed me in the back and told her I was consulting with devils, that I wasn’t eating or drinking and that I had a problem with alcohol). I met with my brothers at dinner and it’s somewhat reassuring to see that they haven’t changed a bit. Roberto showed up with only three ladies by his side so it seems he has become more conservative since I last saw him. Silvanto seems to get on with him, which is nice. Alphonse, ever the family man, was rather displeased that I had cut ties and was so snide and cutting despite my attempts to be pleasant reminded me of a certain monk that I had to excuse myself. As for Vinnie, well he hasn’t changed at all. He may have an immensely successful silk caravan business and millions worth in magical items but at the end of the day he’s still an awful wizard. Maybe I should have stayed and tutored him instead and saved him from his fate (watching him equate arcane mastery with how many magical items one owns, absolutely disgusting).

After stocking up on goods using the family discount we shifted to the Plane of Mirrors. Our time their was rather confusing to say the least. At first the plane seemed positively abandoned although the feeling that we were being watched was intense. It became clear however that this was a trap set by our old friend Nyarlathotep to delay us from obtaining the Deck. He didn’t kill or otherwise imprison us however which is definitely suspicious. Whatever he did to the plane however was blamed on us by the returning Mirror Elementals and we were soon imprisoned. From here things get a little confusing. I was standing in my prison sphere contemplating just how much an infernal lawyer might cost when my prison just disappeared. Somehow Silvanto caused the entire plane to erupt in revolt by introducing the concept of individuality to the elementals. I don’t even. In any case it got us free and we successfully obtained the Deck of Many Things so I won’t question just exactly what happened.

I can only hope that accursed deck of chaos provides us with the tools we need to push back against the Invader.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 8
Invaders must die

With great effort and cost Feldspar has been retaken. I remember when I was there for the original defence, before the church made me available to the empire and I was assigned to this curious team I find myself in. It feels so long ago. Feldspar itself had changed significantly since I last saw it, the Invaders had engaged in some serious reconstruction. Still it was no match for the fantastic new weaponry which is being fielded now. Massive artillery pieces that shake the earth as they fire. Multiple barrelled firearms with a immense rate of fire. All very impressive, I wonder what other advancements will be made.

There was a lot of downtime whilst the guns were assembled and somehow Silvanto used the… thing to somehow gain access to their systems. It was mostly gossip from some form of personal message platform. Honestly it was great, I managed to convince them to help me write a novel from the material. Hardly high class stuff but should be good enough to entertain and maybe make some coin. That bard of his even wrote a pretty stellar love ballad which I made use of. Speaking of him, I’m not entirely sure I trust him. Between the inordinate amount of time and money spent on him and the fact I saw him casting spells on Silvanto and Killian I’m pretty sure that bastard is charming them for their money. I would normally overlook this on the fact that he actually seems to make Silvanto happy and despite what some may conclude from my actions I do actually consider him a dear friend so I’m loathe to upset him. However, with any luck, at some point soon Silvanto is going to be the head of the house and he’s going to need that gold to restore it to glory. Not to mention that hopefully with some more luck I’ll be part of that house and by extension his gold will be MY gold. I suppose I’ll have a word with him when the time comes, no need to get hasty.

As for our part in the retaking of Feldspar, we were assigned a small contingent of elite troops and were to infiltrate the city via the sewer system (I used to complain whenever we went into a sewer but at this point it’s become such a successful strategy I think I’m beginning to enjoy it) and generally hamper and sabotage the defenders efforts. There was a series of death traps in those sewers but we made it out relatively unscathed and found another construct. Same deal as before, find the crystal located inside the local commander. Apparently this garrison’s commander was the spawn of something called Cthulhu. It was massive and rather hideous (even by my rather lenient standards, spending time with devils will do that) but our assault forced it to play it’s trump card, overloading the minds of our troops with some form of mental attack, early and soon after we disposed of the beast. With their commander gone the rest of the Invaders retreated and we set free the construct who seemed grateful for their freedom.

We reported back to the commander who noted that despite excessive casualties the mission was an “overwhelming success”. Now I’m not one to be uneasy about sacrificing lives for the greater good but I’m not sure this level of death is sustainable. I’ll begin to take a more active role in leading and drilling my troops, at this rate we need to get the most out of them as we can. I think I’ll also try and further cement my position in the Imperial Army as on reflection I am probably more use to the church in a position of influence and power than serving as an agent on any odd job they ask of me. Although all this supposes we are successful, we were quickly ordered to get our men back on the ship. Silvanto and I decided to teleport to the capital to see what the situation was and it’s bleak. I’ve never seen so many Invader ships before. How exactly we are meant to fight those legions of advanced ships I have no idea. Against such impossible odds it is perhaps faith that is our greatest weapon and I pray that the gods will deliver us from this evil.

Great is Asmodeus.

Commodore's Log 4
Storming the fortress

We returned to a source of great shame on my part. This world shouldn’t have fallen. If I hadn’t been complacent the Empire would have been prepared for this, but because of my negligence it was not. An entire planets population destroyed and the blame lies almost solely with me. I’m trying to keep a straight face but I can’t live with this failure on my part. If it weren’t for Killian, Talathel and the need to right wrongs such as these… I would have ended it long ago. But I have a duty. Not to myself but to my friends, family, empire and partners to carry on. And I won’t disappoint them. In the siege I used the weird do hickey to “hack” into some system and after reading some juicy gossip I found out that once again their weakness was in their sewer systems. We’re on to something, for some reason they just never think people would be willing to go down there. So we got through the sewers, although war tactics are developing at an alarming rate. I fear I may have gotten to war late for honour and glory. But anyway our elite unit made it’s way through the the sewers only losing 40 men out of the 1000 to poison gas. Once again we found one of those weird constructs that controls the defences of the ilithids, and promised to free it as long as it agreed to aid us in the war effort. So we set of to free it. By defeating the commander of the ilithids no less. It turned out to be 60ft tall and able to paralyze an army. Naturally we charged it head on. Our forces took few loses. The army on the other hand was decimated. We did alleviate that loss by forcing the ilithids to play their hand early but the losses were still staggering. Although the commander informed us it was a success. I’m not sure that’s what I’d call it but I’m sure Talathel will make wonders from the battle. We were then informed we were returning to the capital. Torrin and I agreed we should travel there immediately to see what the crisis was. It was terrifying, their ships blotted out the sky. The capital is under assault from an armada of illithid ships. We’re used to fighting one or two, in their territory. How can we hope to win this war when not even the capital is safe from these abominations?!

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 7
Of Drakes and Devils

Well recent events have went much better than usual, although nearly (or successfully) dying is not difficult to improve upon. We first were task to investigate the wrecks of the crashed invader ships. I’m not entirely sure what was wrong but there was something in the environment causing a rather awful manner of death. Burns and sores found all over the remains of the crew who first investigated the wreck. Only found a single survivor who had clearly lost his mind due to his fellow crew mysteriously dying around him. Apprehended him and threw him in the brig, maybe someone else can treat him or get something out of him. I myself came down with something after our exploration, I assume the same thing that struck down the crew of the original skyship. While I did feel absolutely awful it was a good excuse to stay in bed, get lots of hot soup and “tea” and generally get people to do things for me because I’m sick. With that out of the way we had plenty of time to ourselves. Visited the Drakes again, I was only further convinced of my course of action. Had a chat with Lillith, Silvanto’s sister. Apparently a Fey Sorceress with a rather potent bloodline. It seems she is in fact the cause of the degraded state of the Drakes, due to centuries of enchantment magic altering their minds. While this would terrify most people I am simply intrigued . Between her and Agony I’m noticing a pattern.

Speaking of Agony, progress on that front. To put things in motion I summoned a barbed devil and set him to work for a relatively cheap price of gems and slaves. Time will tell if he was successful, and there will be hell if he wasn’t. He even gave me one of his barbs for easier summoning in the future. Then came an angry knocking on my room door the next day. So vicious was the knocking I used clairvoyance to see who was on the other side. It was a rather upset looking Agony. Apparently the devil I summoned was a rival of hers and she demanded to know the reason for my treason. I was more than a little surprised, I thought she did not appreciate me and our current working relationship but it appears I was mistaken. She demanded recompense equal to what I had given her rival and a deal was agreed. I would reimburse her and she would serve as my valet, my right hand. The gems and the slaves were easy enough (if expensive) to obtain, the four noble souls slightly less so. I decided to confer with Silvanto on rivals to the Drake house. He was otherwise… indisposed and would meet me later at a nearby café (I’m not sure who he was expecting that he would answer the door naked with his two companions similarly attired). Overall it was a success and now Agony and I have returned to business. Although I do have a doubt lurking in the back of my mind as I am of the belief it was no coincidence that her rival was the one to answer the summons and I can’t help but wonder if this is part of a larger scheme. If so I suppose I have little option but wait until a move is made and then respond.

In other news we have finally received our orders. We’ll be shipping out to Feldspar. I’m quite looking forward to this actually having been present during the original defence and the sabotage of it’s industrial sector. To recapture it would be a source of pride and a mission where I do not die or am rendered incapacitated would be a bonus. Not to mention the Drakes holdings are there.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 6
Dear Diary, today I died...

I’ve been drinking a little heavier than usual so I figure it’s time to do some writing. Don’t have much creative inspiration running through me currently so let’s recap my latest mission.

Despite best efforts to contrary, actually succeeded a mission
Watched Silvanto melt invaders with giant ray weapon
Melted some myself with fireballs
Overall first major victory against the invaders
Saw awe inspiring explosion that invader ships make

Multiple embarrassing teleport mishaps (You had one job Torrin)
Unleashed something I understand almost literally nothing about
Invader weaponry becomes more terrifiying by the day
Forgot important virtue, “Check the ceiling”
I died

Mission goal was capture anti-air artillery and otherwise facilitate the capture of the city. Good thing we scouted these positons beforehand because apparently they can hide them beyond even the capabilities of true sight to detect. Bungled a few teleport attempts, but I suppose this is why I have multiple backups but managed to make our way into the city. Assaulted strange artillery position, turned out to be giant ray weapon of potent destruction. Eventually made way to power source for strange machines, apparently there was some sentient machine thing. The closest analogue I can conceive is an intelligent construct of some sort but I doubt that even somewhat adequately describes it. In exchange for it’s freedom it gave us control over it’s machines and ship navigation systems which we used to great effect.

All we had to do was assassinate the local leader and retreive some manner of crystal. We made our way to it’s supposed location without incident, found a room containing piles of ashes and a slumped corpse. Attention drawn by covered orb in back of room strongly radiating magic. After failing to convince others to unveil orb I made use of an unseen servant. I was moderately pleased there was no horrific arcane explosion or other terrible tragedy and that I finally had a use for such a servant outside pouring me wine and aiding my butler. Then I died. Woke up in hell in a very long queue. To make things short, it was awful in almost every conceivable way. Was considering laws and possible arguments to delay or at least make things slightly less horrible should I actually reach front of queue when a familiar bearded devil walked by. He had a good laugh. That was a mistake. More than ever I feel the need to discover how one becomes immortal, I do not want a repeat performance. Woke up a few moments later, had vampire to thank for that. 5000 gold and “a favour” is a small price for encouraging people to resurrect me. Never even got a look at what killed me, corpse was decomposed before I awoke.

After that we freed the previously mentioned being and soon after victory was assured. I’m now currently drowning the knowledge I died in high class wine and working on some teleport theory. I think I’ve finally got inter-planar travel figured and a more reliable form of teleportation. That should be fun to experiment with. Think I’ll pick up more dragon polymorphing scrolls, I may have gotten knocked unconscious last time but in retrospect being a big, scary dragon was actually pretty fun. Practice makes perfect I reckon.

To the first of many victories, cheers.

Commodore's Log 3
A somewhat successful venture

After the defeat of the Orcish horde, despite Torrin’s efforts to get himself killed, we recuperated and headed off to the city. Teleporting in we were somewhat surprised to see 60 Illithids manning some weird gun, who’d have thought they actually man artillery positions. Anyway we attacked one of them (after toying with the idea of detonating the ship that was under construction, that would be too destructive even for us) and I used the weird gun. Twas a laser that elven kind was not meant to wield, killing that many so easily should not be possible or allowed. It’s unsporting, war is a contest of strength and honour, not whatever the hell that was. Anyway after killing literally over a hundred of the damn things, we went to find the power source. Turns out their weird technology can talk, to individuals, without the others knowing. Made me look quite silly. Although after all their blabbing I swear I heard my boots squeak and why did my sweets turn into gunpowder. Damn Nyarlotep. Anyway we went to the palace promising to free the tacking machine. In the palace we discovered that many had died around the table and had disintegrated. For some reason this didn’t unsettle us as we marched towards a large globe in the back that was covered in a cloth and dust. Torrin was quite proud of himself thinking to use unseen servant to remove the cloth as he promptly collapsed dead. He didn’t have a good time with this mission. Anyway we killed the beholder, the monk literally punched it’s brains out. Very impressive, imagine what he would be capable of if he knew how to use a weapon. Anyway Tara brought Torrin back, he seemed different since his 10 minute trip to hell. So we released the machine that then turned into some construct, it disabled the defences and turned them on the defenders while also messing with the “navigation systems” (whatever that means) on the illithid ship which then crashed. We fired the flare and I aided the undead in the assault on the city. All in all, I think it was successful.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 5
Everything hurts and I'm an idiot

My hands ache in pain, my ribs feel out of place and my brain feels like it’s going to leak out my skull. So this it what it feels like to be one of those idiots that charges into melee. What hurts most of all is how damn stupid I feel. That or the headache, I can’t quite decide yet. What was I thinking, charging an Orc Warboss and not even using any of the tools at my disposal? It’s simple, you weren’t you damn idiot. Such arrogance. Time to fix this and go back to the basics. Forget arrogance, anger, love, jealousy, pain, sadness they just get in the way and make you do something stupid. Didn’t have to worry about this when I was just starting out with the church, I had a simple set of guidelines I followed and built on over the years, perhaps it’s time to revisit them (or what I remember of them).

1. Can’t someone else do it?
2. Never get into fist fights
3. Always have a supply of minions to enter melee for you
4. Support your minions. Good minions are difficult to replace
5. If you can’t find minions, summon some
6. Don’t call up that which you can’t put down
7. Check the ceiling
8. Better yet have a minion do it for you
9. Honour is for idiots and the dead
10. Retreat is always an option
11. Only fight when you have already won

I think that’s the most important ones, there may be more. Number 11 is becoming more difficult by the day to follow but that’s the nature of the times I suppose. Now what to do about Agony? After this incident I think I’ll listen to Drake and move on. We were hardly a match anyway, her kind tend to enjoy inflicting pain as an ends itself. For me it’s a means and no more. Thankfully freeing myself from this obsession now allows me to focus exclusively on coming out of this war a decorated war hero and acclaimed scholar. While it hasn’t been much to my liking I think I’ll return to House Ofilyn after all this is over and engage in the politics of family and merchants. To think they have all that gold and power and they misuse it so is scandalous.

But first we have a war to win and it isn’t going to win itself.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 4
Agony and meeting the Drakes.

We returned rather quickly on the unusual ship and whilst things were being organised we were given a week of downtime before our next mission. I took this opportunity to enjoy fine wine and even finer company visiting the local temple of Asmodeus (although I now realise perhaps one shouldn’t begin worship inebriated, what am I a devotee of Cayden Cailean?). Whilst there I encountered a beguiling erinyes whom goes by the name Agony and in my infinite drunken wisdom decided to engage in some civilised conversation (a lot of lesser devils lack conversationalist qualities). It was only once I had introduced myself and moved beyond the polite small talk stage I remembered something very important. Outside of academic debate and shouting orders at minions I am completely socially incompetent. That said things didn’t go to horribly although I think the reference she gave me of her work is sending me mixed signals. Still I was undeterred and after writing more of my memoirs and sobering up I returned with Silvanto as an aid because for some reason dwarf insulting, dracolich awakening elf is the most socially competent in the group (and the only one willing to join me in a temple of Asmodeus).

Things went well if only by virtue of me embarrassing myself whilst Drake twisted the knife. After being thoroughly insulted I decided the only way to solve this was to be righteously indignant towards the elf, which prompted Agony to comment maybe I should fight him to take him to account for his words. So I did.
The fight was over quickly and decisively in my favour although given the damage he done so quickly to me I must take note to never ever begin a fight with sword reach of someone ever again. Afterwards I went drinking with Agony and somehow managed to keep up with a fiend that is immune to the effects of alcohol, perhaps I should be concerned about building up a resistance I have been drinking an awful lot lately. A good time was had by all and I managed to get her common name, maybe I should summon her in the future for wholesome Invader murder.

I digress after our downtime we were eventually given a sabotage mission. As advanced as the Invaders are they must still obey the laws of warfare, most importantly the laws of logistics. We were tasked with teleporting in behind enemy territory and destroying any supply lines or industry we might find. We chose Feldspar as our target as Silvanto’s family apparently has residence there. We had no idea what we were getting into. Suffice to say that the Drake’s are a cowardly, decadent, degraded, incompetent and arrogant lot. I now acutely understand why Drake is so keen to attain rank and generally achieve. The degenerate Drakes even had the gall to insult academic education, merchants and generally consider all that I am as to be second rate, almost below contempt. They are lucky that Jeeves is already putting them through their own personal hell better than I ever could or I would have returned and fed them all to a good friend of mine.

The mission went well and we destroyed Feldspar’s entire industrial district, I even managed to set the explosives just right to bury people alive in the rubble where they may take days to die! That should impress Agony. Unfortunately somehow out of the rubble crawled three giant spiders. Personally I have no issue with spiders but these creatures were grotesque. The creatures also must have some powerful senses (telepathy perhaps?) as they sensed us lying in wait and when I cast greater invisibility on myself it remarked I lit up like a candle (arcane sight for certain, a useful capability to be sure I think I’ll invest in it myself). Still we vanquished one of them without too much effort…


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