Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Commodore's Log 2
Family is damily

So after returning with our new Spooky ship we were allowed some down time. The paladin and vampire went off to some soup kitchen, how very noble of them. Whilst the Diabolist went to the temple of Asmodeus, because why not I guess. Having spent the night drinking with the man and enjoying our shore leave I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I still don’t know. All the creatures I spoke to were severely lacking in conversationalist abilities. One was obsessed with blood and the other was just… creepy. But each to their own. I guess. But Torrin was quite smitten with some woman devil. He was not doing well so I thought I’d try to help keep conversation alive. It turned out that my wit and humour although well recived by the devil was not appreciated by Torrin who attacked me. As the good sport I am I allowed him to capture and beat me. And with my work done I took my leave. It was the next day when I met “him”. Torrin was ranting about the Azata’s claiming them to be hippies with no regard for law. An Azata asked him to repeat himself. After doing some research I discovered they were a Bralani. The perfection of Elven kind. How could I not be interested, but thankfully we were given work to keep me occupied.

On our new mission we were sent back to my home. Although the world had fallen to the all-consuming evil that these Great Spooky Ones permeate I hoped that my family survived although I can’t honestly work out why. Well we arrived at my family’s estate, as “Grand” as ever. The others asked about its state of disrepair and I found myself defending my family saying it must be the result of the invasion. Jeeves met us there, I think he’s the one I’d miss the most if my family were to die. So turned out my grandfather is senile as always, my parent as conniving as ever and my siblings as brainless as ever. Jeeves had kept my room just as I’d left it, even the toys. 60 years later and I still remember him playing with me, the best time I had at home. But I digress, apparently with the invasion my family have now run out of food and good wine. Despite me bringing the best wine from Hyperborea they still complained. Admittedly it was six decades late but nevertheless. Jeeves has been feeding them weeds and jerky which I wholeheartedly approve of, mainly because he then fed us well afterwards. Turns out he’s a summoner, who’d have guessed. Well probably me if I was paying enough attention.

In the capital we found ourselves trying to disrupt industry that had been repurposed for the insidious purposes of the invaders. After milling around aimlessly it suddenly occurred to me that we could get the gunpowder left in storage to destroy the fifty odd factories and use the sewer system to level the area. After navigating our way through the sewers, sort of, Torrin took over and expertly used the gunpowder to maximum effect. We teleported away and watched as the entire area was destroyed. Then there were spiders. Giant Goddamn spiders. I had to be spiders. We attacked one but it knew we were coming. I’m getting quite found of the spell hellmouth lash even if it is a bit crass.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 3
Entry 3

Well we certainly found something. We arrived on a jungle planet outside of imperial space in search of Old God temples and after resupplying at the capital we went to the village with the most reports of temple related activity. The others went out and gathered information and hired perhaps the most grizzled guide I have ever seen to guide us to the temple. I summoned a familiar friend but this time many goats were sacrificed instead, wouldn’t want to cause trouble now would I? We prepared for a long journey into the jungle, which was longer than I had expected and some renegotiations were required for the devil to accompany me the entire journey through this jungle. Not much happened that you would not expect entering into a deep, dark jungle. Constant heat, damp, bugs and bogs were a great irritation. Still the last night before we entered the most dangerous leg of our journey we made great use of my devil’s teleportation ability to enjoy a great feast prepared far away in the capital of the empire by some of the finest chefs which alleviated spirits and gave us more strength to continue. From then on in the guide was quieter than usual and even I had the distinct feeling of imminent danger all around us.

Eventually we were taken as far as the guide was willing to go and let him return to the village. Animals fled and the sound of distant drumming could be heard. We were close. We proceeded into the night and came upon a ritual sacrifice with thousands of snake-man creatures and a truly giant snake. Plans for attack were considered on the chance that they may be hostile but we wisely chose for a more diplomatic approach. After the sacrifice was over were granted an audience with their “god” (whilst truly impressive, it’s no god) who then directed us to “those below”.

As it happens one of those silver ships was under this temple, filled with strange objects and unfamiliar writing. Thankfully Drake had been studying the language and guided us as best he could through this strange place. Eventually we came across a cylinder and opened it to find one of those strange silver clad beings. However instead of a conflict breaking out it seemed more concerned about what year it was. According to the creature these “Great Old Ones” had came almost 100 thousand years before and were only fought off because of aid from those like him. We are currently returning to the capital with this new found asset and the hopes the commander of this ship will be able to find more of his comrades. I think I will take this opportunity to take copies of planer maps contained on the strange “windows” of this ship.

Taras Diary entry 5

Taras Diary

Recently I’ve been faced with a dilemma

I’m known that I wanted to become full blooded since I was 5, and I’m okay with that. I have never felt evil, not really. I know my craft is technically evil, but I just see that I’m borrowing those souls, before returning them to their rightful place. In the case of some people they might enjoy a break from their monotonous service after life. I’ve tried, for example never to raise a cleric or a paladin, because they might be perfectly content in their afterlife devotions.

I’ve known I was evil, but I’ve never taken more than I needed, I’ve never purposefully hurt people, not even when I went off the rails as a teenager, we were all sharing in this weird thing and it was intense, but never malicious.

I never thought of myself as evil, until these new people came to our party. We lost that one guy to treason – I think he was some kind of spy or something, and that other guy went away somewhere (I was reading a book and he was just gone over night)

So these new people came, and one of them thought I was disgusting. What even is that? I’m lovely! But then another was properly sick! He bought these slaves (which I’m actually against!) then he did some ritual and I heard these cries, there was a devil eating this guy alive. It was sick. I was disturbed. The Paladin was all like “well I need to work with you so I’ll stay silent” all I could think was “soon you too shall suffer this fate” – I was so angry. I mean sure you can hire someone to work in your service, I’m fine with that, obviously, but even to buy slaves, surely you should give them options and some sort of dignity. Even if it’s just to be treated okay while they carry your bags, but you should never mindlessly torture someone. And he thinks we don’t know but I can tell he’s doing some amount of blood letting. Not only is it making me uncomfortable, but also ****. She’s had this irrational (but founded) fear that one day I’d go too far whilst feeding, but now she has a whole different fear. That guy is crazy.

That was all happening when we were in that abandoned village, the aliens had hooked people up to these weird life support machines and had killed everyone in the city. They had stockpiled bodys in this room and two of us had to burn them (to stop the aliens using them as robots) whilst the rest went to get the ship. Just in time as well before a massive ship load of aliens came to collect the bounty.

We sent very detailed reports to the commander (this new guy is awful and tried to torture me, I will bring him down!)

My dilemma though is that I think I want to be good. I want to help people. It’s a dilemma for two reasons
1. Necromancy is pretty much always evil (although white necromancy is a thing)
2. I need to eat people to survive. (although I do heal them again straight afterwords)

It’s an awful feeling.

On the other hand I did get to go to Hyperborea at long last! I got a few nick-nacks to give to the lich guy. But we were unable to do anything to preserve the history or the artefacts therin.

This week we had to go to a different place to research the great old ones. There was a temple and all these snake people and there were civilians tied up. I was determined to save them, but sadly we couldn’t interfere without killing both them and us. 10 were killed and 10 were turned to snake people. There was a giant giant snake who was the one to eat those 10, and we were able to chat with him to find out if he would join the war, he was reluctant saying that he had already done as much as he could and he told us to go into some tunnels. We travelled in a magic box to a giant control room and everyone was very cautious, I sat in the control chair for a bit and the power I felt was amazing. I’d love to learn how to fly one of those things (I don’t really know what it is!)!!

The guy we awoke has offered to help us and claimed to have been in a similar battle it he past. I need to research that and see how they did it before

I’ve had an idea to try and start up a business to remind people that there is still joy to be found amongst the war.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 2
Entry 2

We’ve begun our search for a temple of the Old Gods and the secrets hopefully located inside. Our current research points us to a jungle planet beyond the borders of the empire with tales of lizard like guardians protecting the temples. Prior to our planned resupply I would not be able to guarantee our success but having now seen the capabilities of the team I am confident whatever we should encounter we shall overcome. As for the planned resupply, we arrived at the border fort only to find it wholly deserted with clear signs of an unconventional struggle. Strange singe marks and what few bodies we found with holes poked straight through them so cleanly you could see the other side. Apparently this was a result of strange ray weapons the Invaders wield, far advanced beyond our knowledge of magic and engineering according to older members of the team. We continued the search until the team felt an almost compulsive need for petty theft (or perhaps “reconstitution of imperial assets” as it is known). We then proceeded to waste more time than I care to mention attempting to break into the treasury, despite not having the key nor the tools, experience or magic to break into an imperial vault. For my part I attempted to set off whatever magical traps there were by summoning forth an unfortunate dire rat to trigger them but apparently they were set on to activate upon the door opening. The rat being too heavy for my weak telekinesis I washed my hands of the affair and set off to actually find survivors or more information on the perpetrators.

While I did not find any survivors I did find a mound of corpses clogging a sewer entrance. It seemed apparent to me that someone brought these corpses here and into the sewer but I, not being as acquainted with these creatures, had no idea why. I sent my devil (who I summoned earlier, an enlightening event which I will cover) to inform the rest of the team at the palace presumably pillaging it and return to clear the bodies. After some time we were ready to descend into the depths and after some searching discovered a secret passageway. Inside there was a room with multiple previously human subjects attached to a strange machine and bags of unknown fluid. The machine apparently was required to keep them alive even beyond physical wounds as one was disconnected and almost immediately died. While we did not have any medicaes on the team it was clear these people were vivisected and experimented upon. We continued forward and found ourselves in the vaults of the palace, sounds of faint footsteps coming from a large room down the hall. Alone no longer the necromancer scouted ahead and found a squad of Invaders and a giant mound of corpses.

We proceeded forward and vanquished the Invaders, all members of the team performing admirably if I may say so (although my summons disappointed me, even the apparent footsoldiers have a form of magic capable of stunning a devil). Although the leader of the group teleported away we manage to apprehend a footsoldier alive and with a little bone-cracking effort have it teleported back to the capital for immediate investigation. However our success was short lived, a strange silver ship appeared intent on claiming the corpses which I was informed contained parasites capable of controlling them. We set to destroying as many corpses as we can and retreating from the planet.

Now that we have covered the relative success of our resupply run let us cover the devil summoning incident. I never intended for it to be a test of my fellow specialists but I suppose in that regard it excelled. Drake passed with flying colours even watching the summoning as it happened so I have little to worry about from him (although when I mentioned I had bought slaves he seemed concerned that one of them may be an elf, I shall have to take note of that prejudice). As for the two paladins they too performed remarkably well (as far as paladins can be expected I suppose). Instead of escalating to violence we engaged in discussion about our duties and our boundaries so I feel they can be trusted. The necromancer did not pass. Apparently my actions were so appalling to the creature of the night who rips peoples souls from the aether and forces them into skeletons (whom she then orders to dance for our amusement I may add) she immediately attempted to mind control me. Thankfully my faith to Asmodeus is too strong and she failed. However she was not finished as then forcibly desummoned the devil, damaging me in the process. I was more than capable of resummoning it but such a flagrant attack upon myself is unconscionable! Honestly I believe the hypocrisy hurts most of all. Lesser men would respond harshly to such attacks, but I am not prone to emotion and I am here on a mission, attacking those who are supposedly helping me does not benefit anyone. That said anything further and it could be argued she is more hindrance than help and I will be forced to respond.

But let us not dwell on the negative, for we soon approach our destination…

Commodore's Log 1

I’ve decided it’s best to put my research into the Great Old Ones magic aside for now. Ever since we discovered there was a traitor in our midst and he, somehow got the accursed masks from me. The research had hit a dead end anyway, with the masks gone and all that’s left s a knife which I’m convinced has it out for me and a book of inane ramblings. I mean I could try to work out their language, but I get the feeling that’s a really bad idea. Also my familiar has still yet to recover, I have no idea what to do because those nightmares have yet to subside. Anyway since Gloom “left” the little lizard man and the guy on fire also departed. I think the bard had decided he’d seen enough when he started bashing his head in with his gun and the Ifrit… I think that’s right. Anyway he left to seek extra-planar allies. I think he didn’t trust us to go with him.

Anyway since they left it was just me and the vampire for a while. I’m getting used to her, it’s still weird but… well I’ve now seen a lot weirder than her. Also her companion doesn’t look like she’s suffering. Takes all kinds I suppose.

We were called back to the capital to meet our new commander. Initially I struggled not to break down laughing. He’s so goddamn small. His hat is like twice as big as the little guy. But apparently he’s competent as I was given the rank of commodore. I don’t think Tara likes him, what with him bathing her in sunlight. Although I don’t think it was him so I guess we weren’t alone with him in that room.

Anyway we met the new specialists joining us. Two paladins who are… well paladins. And a well-dressed wizard. Although what the hell is it with these people and big hats?! Don’t they realise less is more? Anyway one of the paladins is Oread and clearly lacking in cultural background. Getting conversation from him is like trying to get water from a stone. Fitting I suppose. Then there’s the other paladin. He’s an elf so he’s got that going for him but that’s about all I know. The wizard is an interesting one. A scholar from one of the most prestigious academies, even out doing mine. Not that I’d tell him that. Although for all his intellect, he has done us no favours to ingratiate us with the paladins. What with summoning a devil on the ship to act as his bodyguard.

But I’m getting ahead of myself our first mission was a success. After a difficult landing and meeting a dwarf who doesn’t know how to accept a compliment we went into the tunnels to reach Hyperborea or something like that. I woke up a dracolich to make sure we were heading in the right direction, which we were. After liberating the remnants of the palace wine cellar and searching the library we went to the capital of the world to discover a lich as governor. He helped us search his libraries and I may have destroyed a Hyperborean book. Managed to pass it off as a spell. Don’t think the wizard fell for it but hasn’t said anything.

Anyway we headed back to the capital after being bored shitless and eventually shitfaced off Hyperborean wine for quite some while. I challenged the Oread to a duel but I wasn’t allowed to use magic. Naturally I lost… badly. He must have cheated how else I could have possibly impaled myself with my own sword. Anyway we set sail to find a temple of the Old Gods or something. The Oread and I researched the locations but his findings were more conclusive.

On our way we found an abandoned imperial capital and set off to investigate. (This would be when th devil was summoned). We discovered signs of struggle but few bodies. After searching the palace (and the wine cellar) we split up to search more thoroughly. I discovered a hidden book that survived the fire in the library. The wizard found a mound of dead bodies. It would be him. Anyway we searched the sewers and discovered some poor bastards hooked up to some machine keeping them barely alive. We put them out of their misery. Then upon reaching another entrance to the palace we discovered the populace. They all had the holes in their heads to show they had been infected by the parasitic form of our enemies, and before us were the perpetrators. One immediately turned invisible and the others opened fire with those goddamn laser beam thingys. I went for the invisible one which may have been a mistake as the other four rushed to stop me. Having made their leader run away we finished off the others and captured one alive. Knocking him out and breaking a few bones we stuffed him in a bag and sent him off to the capital for research. At this point we heard our ship open fire. Burning as many of the bodies as we could to give them some dignity in their death rather than as a host to our enemies. We ran for the ship. And there it was. Just as I had seen in my nightmares. I gigantic ship gleaming in silver hurtling straight for us. We fled for our ship and then fled the planet sending word of its fall as thousands of those things stormed the palace in search of their new troops. Thankfully we had spared some of the populace from that fate.

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 1
Entry 1

Well after enough waiting I was finally called up into service as part of a specialist team to repel this great Other which has crossed into our reality. Our first mission was rather uneventful if only for a few interesting moments and actually reclaiming genuine Hyperborean wine! I have yet to open the cask, but rest assured I intend a full write up. What I feel is more important to record is my first impressions of my fellow “specialists” as such references can be crucial in later examinations.

We’ll begin with the vampire, Tara, who immediately grabbed my attention by insisting on aggravating our commander who responded in kind by bathing her with sunlight (A man who does not suffer insubordination and shares my taste for large hats? A man after my own heart). She’s rather interesting, I’m not sure what to make of her. On one hand able to command underlings and thralls to willing give blood and obey any command is a fascinating trait. However whilst necromancy is indeed a powerful school of magic (one I dabble in myself) it will take more than dancing bones to impress me. Thereafter we have two paladins, one of Erastil and one of Desna. What luck I have to be on a team with not one but two paladins. The paladin of Erastil is perhaps unsurprisingly gruff and lacks any taste for civilised conversation. That said, given the focus he places on meditation and training I think I will reserve further judgement until I see him combat, he may yet be useful as an unwitting bodyguard. The Desnan has been quiet thus far but honestly who can even hear about Desnans without breaking into laughter with all that nonsense about dreams, stargazing and freedom? Our final member is Silvanto Drake, an elven wizard and member of minor nobility. For the man’s personality I have little complaint as he is a man of refined culture who shares my love of vintage wines and scholarly conversation. He even seems to be interested in my research into devils and devilry. However his current performance in the field so far has been severely unimpressive. How a one man can botch a landing of a skyship, insult a dwarves ancestors, awaken a dracolich and destroy an ancient hyperborean book in one mission is beyond me. The only positive I can draw so far is his aid in reclaiming the previously mentioned casks of wine.

I can only hope that our next mission into an Old Gods temple fares better than our previous mission.

Scribbled note
There's Adventure Log

To whomever will read this,

I have been wrong all these years. I always thought I was able to communicate with the world where the spirit of the dead go. I thought I could speak to my sister and my mother and that it was them I felt and who gave me the strength to go on.
Yesterday, when we left that damned planet with another one of the stage masks the elf asked all of us to help him. I was the one who managed to stop his hand when the mask was telling him to put it on. But the mask then called to me. Strangely I recognised that call. It felt familiar. Too familiar. Now I’ve had time to think about it, I realise. It is the same force that gives me my powers. This cold madness. And I know this mask has nothing to do with a world where spirits go after death.

I woke up. I woke up last night. And for the first time I remembered everything. I was praying. Like every night for the past years. I remember those nights now, I see the images as through the thickest fog, but I still remember. Yog-Sothoth. He is the true god that I have always been praying and for my protection he removed all memories of those 10 minutes I spent every night for years paying. Maybe I shall forget again soon. This is also why I’m writing this. I will keep this paper on me, under my clothes where it is safe. This information would be too dangerous for me to be left anywhere else.
I am linked to what we have been fighting. I do not know what to do.
I will no tell the elf, that’s for sure.

[This last bit is written differently and seems to have been added in later, scribbled hurriedly]
We are going to war. Or shouldI say suicide. There is no way we can fight them. They are too strong I know it. I know them.
And I don’t know how long I can fight them. My Lord forgave me to have killed that cultist, but now that I know, now that I remember, I cannot just fight this war alongside those empire fools that easily.
I was supposed to help him break the empire from the inside. But it might not be necessary anymore. This battle will be merciless. And through the portal so many more will come.
I have no reason to be the one I used to be. Saving all those people. My sister and my mother are dead. I never spoke to them. Those letters were useless.
Only my Lord helped me all those years. Gave those powers. Gave me my wings.
I hate humans, I hate the empire, I hate that elf who thinks he’s clever.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if I managed to manipulate him to worship the Lord?

“Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again.”


Letter 5
Theri's Adventure Log

Dear Rówe,

I am afraid.

Weird things have been happening to me. You remember I had this link that would turn some of the humans attacking me mad. I didn’t know how it worked but as I would feel the link strengthen, they would completely loose their senses. Well today I have discovered I have other powers. I am on my way with my companions back to the planet where we… made the mistake of freeing that portal and link is growing stronger every day. Every time cold surrounds me. I now have wings. If I concentrate I can make wings appear, translucent inky wings, as if they were made of darkness itself.

I am afraid. I don’t know if this is right and the more my powers grow, the more my nights are disturbed. I found myself up in the middle of the night last night, for no reason. I didn’t know why I was up, or how I had gotten where I was.

But I will keep on trying to be just. For you and for mother.
I must go now as we have little time until we get to that planet, but I will write you another letter soon.

Your brother,

Taras Diary entry 4

We came back from our sea mission and got into quite a lot of trouble because we sent the wrong warning. We had evacuated the people to escape the sea cult and we had defeated the big monster, but we forgot to mention the threat we had been issued. The commander guy was angry and he made us go on a different mission, to pick up books and part of a lich – the same guy who wrote that journal I’ve been trying to read.

Drake told me that once we’ve translated it, I can keep it 

Also on the ship I was able, finally, to create Frankie, my skeleton minion!

We went to these warehouses to get the books, but they weren’t there because some creepy squid man had stolen them. He went to them in the same order as we did because of how the roads are positioned and he attacked 2 of the guys I went through to see someone with tentacles on their face… it was creepy. The guy was quickly subdued though and we got our books.

I’d also managed to loot a few books on hyperboria and what we later found out was part of the weather control spire. I’ve decided that if I can find that necromancer guy we rescued before he might be able to turn me if I can make it worth his while, so I’m stock piling bribes.

The last set of books was in the palace; sadly all of the cool expensive stuff was already taken. When we got in we were shot at from some invisible laser shooter (now I realise it was a few) so we ducked and ran, but again the library was messy and the books we required had been taken. We ran after the squid men that had beaten us to the loot and we were able to locate them. They talked into our heads again, which is creepy and makes me wish I was a full vampire already, so we hid in various rooms while the squids were taunted out of hiding. I heard people fall and 1 person shout and then I heard more doors opening as the others joined the fight. I am not a very tough person and so I sent Frankie out in my place to fight for me. I was able to help defeat the squids with Frankie and channelling negative energy, which sadly harms the party as well, so I had to do a lot of healing afterwords.

We are resting just now, on our way to find the liches body, I’m so excited about that!

Taras Diary Entry 2

I don’t even know where to start…

The last time I wrote I was on a boat, we had killed the planet and were being deployed (or evacuated) to a place we hadn’t infested with demons from another plane.

I had also been suffering withdrawal symptoms, and dealing with mistrust from the group.

We travelled for a while, I guess moving between planets takes some time so I was able to make good progress in “how to raise friends and influence people”. I’ve read the first few chapters of the book now, and have even pinpointed my motivations and origins, Dr William Baldassare is a genius. He has a lot of brilliant concepts and even though some parts of the book are a little boring and technical his psychology of the necromancer was brilliant. I love how he doesn’t put people in boxes; he makes sure that you feel included in the group. Dr Baldassare is a renowned genius, who suffered abject racism, his strange looks had him barred from all healers and clerics in town as they thought him evil, he had been a famous psychotherapist until one night he was attacked in the street, his brains could not defend him against the robber who stabbed his wife. His wife had bled out as there was no doctor around to save her, unable to go to a cleric she was forsaken. Madness followed misery, and he turned to other ways to cure his grief. Dr Baldassare started by resurrecting animals, and then minions. The first few minions he raised were mindless, heartless and soulless – he couldn’t figure out how to give them character for the longest time. He didn’t want to attempt to raise his widow until he had mastered the art. It took him 15 years to learn how to summon her, but the work made him weak. By this point he was getting old, he had Tuberculosis and only had a short life expectancy. He started to drink blood to regain some life. He hired some adventurers to kill a dragon and bring him flasks of blood “for an experiment”. Upon drinking that he noticed that he felt stronger than he ever had in his life and he felt decades younger. By then he had found the ritual to become a lich and he tamed that dragon as his intelligent pet. He also brought his wife back as his lifetime companion, much to her surprise. They live side by side as the most romantic love story ever written, an immortal love. He has however signed a vow that if either of them were to die for good they are to be salted and burned to never rise again. There was a funny anecdote where she did that but he wasn’t actually dead for good and he walked into the house a month later and she almost killed him again…

We travelled to a palace planet, where the whole planet was a palace, three bodies of earth with one palace and 2 cities dedicated to the emperor.

I was able to sneak away from the group (proving my trustworthiness of course) and meet with the embassy for the undead nation. They were amazing, they had glasses of blood. I must have had around 4 glasses and it felt so good! It’s okay though, because I just needed to refocus my head, not really to be addicted again.

I met with a vampire called Vlad and we talked through what it would be to become a full blooded vampire, he was willing to do the ritual with me, however I was worried about the health benefits. If I am to work for the government I will be required to go out during the daytime, thus it appears that I should copy that necromancer man we met before and get myself a ring of darkness. I was able to commission one to be made, but I don’t have the funds yet to pay for it, so I must endeavour to get as much gold as I can at any opportunity. I’d also need to have a companion, someone to let me feed morally, but since I know it weakens the individual I need to save more gold again to get her protected from becoming weak and dying.

My other concern is of war and treason. I work for the army, I’m not sure I can become enthralled to someone of a different nation without committing treason to my own. I don’t care about my job, or my country, but I do care about starting a war and possibly getting assassinated.

I left the embassy and returned to my party who had signed up for a different mission to stop some cultists. That Drake guy has gone all power hungry and demands to be recognised for any endeavours of the team, he commands us all for some reason and signs us up for strange tasks. In some ways it’s okay, almost easier to not have to deal with things too much, in other ways it could be nice to have more recognition (especially if I don’t want to get killed later for possible treason!) Although I guess the gold we get on these missions is useful.

We had to go to this place where the city had become overrun, overnight by angry cultists capturing and killing thousands of innocent people. We helped the police that were there to quell the cultists by taking down their leader, but it wasn’t easy. He had some weird controlling item to brainwash the masses and he tried it on us as well. I was okay because all I could focus on was the blood, there were rivers of it.
We went to a tower and shot the cultist guy while two of our party tried to keep us alive by killing people who tried to come up the tower. I got a couple of shots at the guy, but mostly I think I was distracted, all I could think of was getting down there later.

The cultist guy started summoning things from the same “other” place that we accidently unleashed before, but we were able to stop them. Once he was subdued the people all started to look really confused. I felt really sorry for them all, many had lost relatives and friends in their brainwashed state, and many more had been killed during the fight. We had to step over quite a few people. Houses had been looted and people were feeling pretty rubbish in themselves. I don’t think they remembered the activities they carried out whilst brainwashed, which I guess is a small mercy.
I was able to take advantage of the distractions to steal a couple of flasks of blood from the rivers. It’s not perfectly moral, but it’s better than hurting anybody.

We stayed behind for a while afterwords cleaning up the cultists mess and helping the police to regain order.

Having relapsed, and having noticed how easily distracted I can get by blood I have decided to partake in guarding my comrades by sneaking garlic into their food. They are so suspicious though, they look at me differently. They probably think I’m trying to poison them.


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