Theri Karthirama (aka Gloom)

Drow Oracle Ranger.


Generally nice. Keeps to himself, is very nature-friendly but loves his forest most of all. Has white hair (completely white), black eyes (sclera is also black) and purple skin (dusk-coloured purple).


My name is Theri Karthirama but everyone calls me Gloom because my skin has the colour of the sky at twilight – often referred to as gloaming by the dwarves and halflings in the forest where I come from. My mother was a drow from the underground city of Yakar of what could be considered middle-class I guess. She was not noble but she was not a slave either.

She was rebellious though. Drow society is a matriarchal society and my mother always refused to take a husband like every other drow woman. She had many lovers though. One day she fell in love with a drowic elf, one of those elves with drow ancestors that have some of the traits of drow. She got pregnant. The elf said he had to leave but promised he would come back. But all elves are liar and that one was no exception. Even though he never came back my mother still refused to take a husband only to take care of the children.

By that time she had given birth to my sister (Ròwe) and me. Not only was she looked down upon as she kept living a free life with many lovers, raising two children when it is seen as supposed to be the role of men and even worse, my sister had long blond hair and eyes with a blue iris and a white sclera. The mark of elves. However as long as she was not directly disturbing any influential person she would be all right.

This is when, amongst all the men that had fallen in love with her, the son a noble drow caught her attention. Their relationship lasted longer than any other and they kept seeing each other, despite the fact that his mother disapproved. As any other noble drow in our underground city, she despised my mother and refused to ceed her son to such a reckless and low-class woman.

Still the two lovers would meet but the drow’s mother could not stand her son’s disobedience and, having older sons and even daughters, she decided to poison him, my mother, my sister and me and finally get rid of the problem. My mother saw quickly enough through the plan to stop my sister and me from drinking but it was unfortunately too late for her lover. We had to leave and never come back but even if the small dose my mother had ingested would not have killed her it did slow her down and the city’s guards shot arrows in her legs. My sister and helped her go deeper into the forest on that cold winter night but she did not survive long as she had lost a lot of blood. She died in our arms and we had to abandon her under the cold white moon.

In the following years we lived in the forest, hiding most of the day from the blinding sun and only going out at night to find food, water and other resources. One night – we must not have been much more than 45 years old – we came across some kind of ritual. We could see the signs on the ground and feel a very powerful magic but there was no one. I refused to get closer but my sister was stubborn and made her way to the circle. Standing about one hundred feet behind some trees I saw her examine the circle and I saw a dark shape emerge from the bushes. It seemed to be quite slender but wearing some kind of armour and a longsword. I didn’t have time to make a sound that the blade fell on my twin. If ever she had heard the faintest noise, she hadn’t had time to turn around. Her body fell down to the floor. The shadow seemed to look around for a few seconds as I hid behind a tree but I probably was spotted as I believe it is on that night that I was cursed. I knew my sister was dead and I ran from the place where this secret ritual was taking place.

I spent days pointlessly walking around, at any time, or lying down anywhere. I was alone and disorientated. I was weak from the curse and dark images kept appearing to me. After a few weeks which seemed months I slowly pulled myself together. Never again did I walk at night and never did I go back to the place of that ritual. I learned to deal with the light of day and I met many more people. Gnomes, dwarves and halflings. They taught me a lot about the forest, weapons and even about magic. I also came across men but they would fear me just by seeing that I was a drow and always were aggressive. I have grew to hate their kind just as they hated mine.

After more than eight decades spent roaming the forest I decided it was time to see the world and, despite my hatred for men, I headed out to discover the cities dwarves often talked to me about. I looked for quests and adventures, favouring non-human companions but mostly putting my rage aside as I discovered not all of them were like the ones who persecuted me. I had also always suspected it was one of them that had killed my sister but that might just have been because I always hated them.

After helping a couple people in little villages and learning more about weapons I got to the city of [insert the name of the town] and met [insert the names of the other characters] as we were charged to [insert the description of the mission] by [insert the name of the guy that gave us our mission].

Theri Karthirama (aka Gloom)

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