Silvanto Drake

The family has seen better days. And will see worse


Takes Elven arrogance to a whole new level, but once you prove yourself worth his time he’s a loyal friend. Always ready to help his team but also doesn’t really discriminate between the evil and good members. Well as long as they serve the empire of course.


The Drake family has been in decline within the empire for some time. For the past several generations they have been ardent worshippers of Calistria but not the cunning and planning types. Rather the types that spent the family fortune on expensive women, or men for that matter. Silvanto from the early age of about 40 odd decided this was not a life he wanted to live. He’d been raised on stories of his ancestor’s great deeds during the forging of the empire and didn’t want to be another in the line of people to squander their legacy. He set off to study magic and combat determined that when he was needed he would be ready to serve the empire. Having shown great promise in both the performance of magic and also merging it with a combat finese when the call was made for heroes of the empire to rally he did so immediately. From their though he has somewhat fallen back on his family’s “new legacy” not that he’d let anyone know that without fail his first order of business is to raid the wine cellar. With the aid of a kobald bard he managed to make something of a reputation for himself as an unparalleled hero. A reputation he is struggling to uphold now that the bard has left after the team all went mad and started killing themselves or each other with the coming of the first Great Spooky One.

Silvanto Drake

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