Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 9

Dinner with the Ofilyns and planar rebellions

It has been five years since I dropped everything and began my work with The Church. I made a conscious decision to cut ties with my family. Three older brothers made any chance of inheriting the family business unlikely and father was always… unimpressed with pursuits that brought no benefit to the family in some way. I suppose it was inevitable that I’d return some day.

It was shortly after we paid a visit to the Drakes to find that terribly tragedy had befallen Silvanto’s father, mother and two brothers. Apparently there was an awful mess and Jeeves guessed that Devils may be in play. I suppose Agony following behind me did not help me look innocent. He’s now lord of the house although his sister Lillith is acting regent. I took a look at their finances and they are grim. No production of any kind for centuries, massive luxury expenses which in turn have incurred massive debt. Managed to get some production up with undead workers but it’ll be a while before they produce anything. Next time I visit I think I’ll take a look at their tax situation, see if I can’t find some loopholes. Not much time at all had passed before we filed back onto the ship to try and defend the capital. However after some discussion it was agreed we would be much more helpful we sought after a magical artifact to aid in our defence, The Deck of Many Things. Last known location was the Elemental Plane of Mirrors. We needed to be adequately provisioned before embarking and that required somewhere with powerful magical items for sale. Capitals of other empires would be sufficiently developed enough but teleporting to them would be difficult. So we decided to go somewhere that I could actually teleport to.

The home planet of House Ofilyn.

It was about 10 minutes after we arrived that we were approached by a number of rather rough looking men all sporting the insignias of House Ofilyn who were to escort us to my father. It briefly occurred to me that they couldn’t make me go, but that would make father even more upset and send out some of his more capable employees. Before I knew it I was back in family villa that I grew up in. I think even Silvanto was taken back by the general wealth of the place. Just seeing the villa was a nice nostalgic experience, it reminded me of a time before everything became so serious. Speaking of which we were shown into a rather lavish study and soon my father made his appearance. It would appear that age hasn’t slowed him down at all or made him any less intimidating. Apparently he had been keeping an eye on me all this time and his displeasure at my disrespecting of the family was very evident. Thankfully I was able to ward of some of his wrath by explaining some plans which may benefit the family, most importantly the Drake plan. Whilst the Drakes are far from the most prestigious family they are desperate and between Silvanto’s efforts to bring glory back to the Drake name and my more pragmatic manoeuvring before you know it the name Drake will be associated with wealth, power and prestige, it’s line headed by two war heroes of the greatest war that’s ever been. Well perhaps not before you know it, I’m planning a long runner . But that’s for another day.

Despite the grilling it was actually good to see father again, in fact it was good to see everyone again (even if most of them despise me). Mother was lovely and jovial as always (although still no nonsense enough to drag me to our shrine to Sarenrae after the team stabbed me in the back and told her I was consulting with devils, that I wasn’t eating or drinking and that I had a problem with alcohol). I met with my brothers at dinner and it’s somewhat reassuring to see that they haven’t changed a bit. Roberto showed up with only three ladies by his side so it seems he has become more conservative since I last saw him. Silvanto seems to get on with him, which is nice. Alphonse, ever the family man, was rather displeased that I had cut ties and was so snide and cutting despite my attempts to be pleasant reminded me of a certain monk that I had to excuse myself. As for Vinnie, well he hasn’t changed at all. He may have an immensely successful silk caravan business and millions worth in magical items but at the end of the day he’s still an awful wizard. Maybe I should have stayed and tutored him instead and saved him from his fate (watching him equate arcane mastery with how many magical items one owns, absolutely disgusting).

After stocking up on goods using the family discount we shifted to the Plane of Mirrors. Our time their was rather confusing to say the least. At first the plane seemed positively abandoned although the feeling that we were being watched was intense. It became clear however that this was a trap set by our old friend Nyarlathotep to delay us from obtaining the Deck. He didn’t kill or otherwise imprison us however which is definitely suspicious. Whatever he did to the plane however was blamed on us by the returning Mirror Elementals and we were soon imprisoned. From here things get a little confusing. I was standing in my prison sphere contemplating just how much an infernal lawyer might cost when my prison just disappeared. Somehow Silvanto caused the entire plane to erupt in revolt by introducing the concept of individuality to the elementals. I don’t even. In any case it got us free and we successfully obtained the Deck of Many Things so I won’t question just exactly what happened.

I can only hope that accursed deck of chaos provides us with the tools we need to push back against the Invader.



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