Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 7

Of Drakes and Devils

Well recent events have went much better than usual, although nearly (or successfully) dying is not difficult to improve upon. We first were task to investigate the wrecks of the crashed invader ships. I’m not entirely sure what was wrong but there was something in the environment causing a rather awful manner of death. Burns and sores found all over the remains of the crew who first investigated the wreck. Only found a single survivor who had clearly lost his mind due to his fellow crew mysteriously dying around him. Apprehended him and threw him in the brig, maybe someone else can treat him or get something out of him. I myself came down with something after our exploration, I assume the same thing that struck down the crew of the original skyship. While I did feel absolutely awful it was a good excuse to stay in bed, get lots of hot soup and “tea” and generally get people to do things for me because I’m sick. With that out of the way we had plenty of time to ourselves. Visited the Drakes again, I was only further convinced of my course of action. Had a chat with Lillith, Silvanto’s sister. Apparently a Fey Sorceress with a rather potent bloodline. It seems she is in fact the cause of the degraded state of the Drakes, due to centuries of enchantment magic altering their minds. While this would terrify most people I am simply intrigued . Between her and Agony I’m noticing a pattern.

Speaking of Agony, progress on that front. To put things in motion I summoned a barbed devil and set him to work for a relatively cheap price of gems and slaves. Time will tell if he was successful, and there will be hell if he wasn’t. He even gave me one of his barbs for easier summoning in the future. Then came an angry knocking on my room door the next day. So vicious was the knocking I used clairvoyance to see who was on the other side. It was a rather upset looking Agony. Apparently the devil I summoned was a rival of hers and she demanded to know the reason for my treason. I was more than a little surprised, I thought she did not appreciate me and our current working relationship but it appears I was mistaken. She demanded recompense equal to what I had given her rival and a deal was agreed. I would reimburse her and she would serve as my valet, my right hand. The gems and the slaves were easy enough (if expensive) to obtain, the four noble souls slightly less so. I decided to confer with Silvanto on rivals to the Drake house. He was otherwise… indisposed and would meet me later at a nearby café (I’m not sure who he was expecting that he would answer the door naked with his two companions similarly attired). Overall it was a success and now Agony and I have returned to business. Although I do have a doubt lurking in the back of my mind as I am of the belief it was no coincidence that her rival was the one to answer the summons and I can’t help but wonder if this is part of a larger scheme. If so I suppose I have little option but wait until a move is made and then respond.

In other news we have finally received our orders. We’ll be shipping out to Feldspar. I’m quite looking forward to this actually having been present during the original defence and the sabotage of it’s industrial sector. To recapture it would be a source of pride and a mission where I do not die or am rendered incapacitated would be a bonus. Not to mention the Drakes holdings are there.



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