Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 6

Dear Diary, today I died...

I’ve been drinking a little heavier than usual so I figure it’s time to do some writing. Don’t have much creative inspiration running through me currently so let’s recap my latest mission.

Despite best efforts to contrary, actually succeeded a mission
Watched Silvanto melt invaders with giant ray weapon
Melted some myself with fireballs
Overall first major victory against the invaders
Saw awe inspiring explosion that invader ships make

Multiple embarrassing teleport mishaps (You had one job Torrin)
Unleashed something I understand almost literally nothing about
Invader weaponry becomes more terrifiying by the day
Forgot important virtue, “Check the ceiling”
I died

Mission goal was capture anti-air artillery and otherwise facilitate the capture of the city. Good thing we scouted these positons beforehand because apparently they can hide them beyond even the capabilities of true sight to detect. Bungled a few teleport attempts, but I suppose this is why I have multiple backups but managed to make our way into the city. Assaulted strange artillery position, turned out to be giant ray weapon of potent destruction. Eventually made way to power source for strange machines, apparently there was some sentient machine thing. The closest analogue I can conceive is an intelligent construct of some sort but I doubt that even somewhat adequately describes it. In exchange for it’s freedom it gave us control over it’s machines and ship navigation systems which we used to great effect.

All we had to do was assassinate the local leader and retreive some manner of crystal. We made our way to it’s supposed location without incident, found a room containing piles of ashes and a slumped corpse. Attention drawn by covered orb in back of room strongly radiating magic. After failing to convince others to unveil orb I made use of an unseen servant. I was moderately pleased there was no horrific arcane explosion or other terrible tragedy and that I finally had a use for such a servant outside pouring me wine and aiding my butler. Then I died. Woke up in hell in a very long queue. To make things short, it was awful in almost every conceivable way. Was considering laws and possible arguments to delay or at least make things slightly less horrible should I actually reach front of queue when a familiar bearded devil walked by. He had a good laugh. That was a mistake. More than ever I feel the need to discover how one becomes immortal, I do not want a repeat performance. Woke up a few moments later, had vampire to thank for that. 5000 gold and “a favour” is a small price for encouraging people to resurrect me. Never even got a look at what killed me, corpse was decomposed before I awoke.

After that we freed the previously mentioned being and soon after victory was assured. I’m now currently drowning the knowledge I died in high class wine and working on some teleport theory. I think I’ve finally got inter-planar travel figured and a more reliable form of teleportation. That should be fun to experiment with. Think I’ll pick up more dragon polymorphing scrolls, I may have gotten knocked unconscious last time but in retrospect being a big, scary dragon was actually pretty fun. Practice makes perfect I reckon.

To the first of many victories, cheers.



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