Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 5

Everything hurts and I'm an idiot

My hands ache in pain, my ribs feel out of place and my brain feels like it’s going to leak out my skull. So this it what it feels like to be one of those idiots that charges into melee. What hurts most of all is how damn stupid I feel. That or the headache, I can’t quite decide yet. What was I thinking, charging an Orc Warboss and not even using any of the tools at my disposal? It’s simple, you weren’t you damn idiot. Such arrogance. Time to fix this and go back to the basics. Forget arrogance, anger, love, jealousy, pain, sadness they just get in the way and make you do something stupid. Didn’t have to worry about this when I was just starting out with the church, I had a simple set of guidelines I followed and built on over the years, perhaps it’s time to revisit them (or what I remember of them).

1. Can’t someone else do it?
2. Never get into fist fights
3. Always have a supply of minions to enter melee for you
4. Support your minions. Good minions are difficult to replace
5. If you can’t find minions, summon some
6. Don’t call up that which you can’t put down
7. Check the ceiling
8. Better yet have a minion do it for you
9. Honour is for idiots and the dead
10. Retreat is always an option
11. Only fight when you have already won

I think that’s the most important ones, there may be more. Number 11 is becoming more difficult by the day to follow but that’s the nature of the times I suppose. Now what to do about Agony? After this incident I think I’ll listen to Drake and move on. We were hardly a match anyway, her kind tend to enjoy inflicting pain as an ends itself. For me it’s a means and no more. Thankfully freeing myself from this obsession now allows me to focus exclusively on coming out of this war a decorated war hero and acclaimed scholar. While it hasn’t been much to my liking I think I’ll return to House Ofilyn after all this is over and engage in the politics of family and merchants. To think they have all that gold and power and they misuse it so is scandalous.

But first we have a war to win and it isn’t going to win itself.



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