Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Torrin Ofilyn's Journal - Entry 4

Agony and meeting the Drakes.

We returned rather quickly on the unusual ship and whilst things were being organised we were given a week of downtime before our next mission. I took this opportunity to enjoy fine wine and even finer company visiting the local temple of Asmodeus (although I now realise perhaps one shouldn’t begin worship inebriated, what am I a devotee of Cayden Cailean?). Whilst there I encountered a beguiling erinyes whom goes by the name Agony and in my infinite drunken wisdom decided to engage in some civilised conversation (a lot of lesser devils lack conversationalist qualities). It was only once I had introduced myself and moved beyond the polite small talk stage I remembered something very important. Outside of academic debate and shouting orders at minions I am completely socially incompetent. That said things didn’t go to horribly although I think the reference she gave me of her work is sending me mixed signals. Still I was undeterred and after writing more of my memoirs and sobering up I returned with Silvanto as an aid because for some reason dwarf insulting, dracolich awakening elf is the most socially competent in the group (and the only one willing to join me in a temple of Asmodeus).

Things went well if only by virtue of me embarrassing myself whilst Drake twisted the knife. After being thoroughly insulted I decided the only way to solve this was to be righteously indignant towards the elf, which prompted Agony to comment maybe I should fight him to take him to account for his words. So I did.
The fight was over quickly and decisively in my favour although given the damage he done so quickly to me I must take note to never ever begin a fight with sword reach of someone ever again. Afterwards I went drinking with Agony and somehow managed to keep up with a fiend that is immune to the effects of alcohol, perhaps I should be concerned about building up a resistance I have been drinking an awful lot lately. A good time was had by all and I managed to get her common name, maybe I should summon her in the future for wholesome Invader murder.

I digress after our downtime we were eventually given a sabotage mission. As advanced as the Invaders are they must still obey the laws of warfare, most importantly the laws of logistics. We were tasked with teleporting in behind enemy territory and destroying any supply lines or industry we might find. We chose Feldspar as our target as Silvanto’s family apparently has residence there. We had no idea what we were getting into. Suffice to say that the Drake’s are a cowardly, decadent, degraded, incompetent and arrogant lot. I now acutely understand why Drake is so keen to attain rank and generally achieve. The degenerate Drakes even had the gall to insult academic education, merchants and generally consider all that I am as to be second rate, almost below contempt. They are lucky that Jeeves is already putting them through their own personal hell better than I ever could or I would have returned and fed them all to a good friend of mine.

The mission went well and we destroyed Feldspar’s entire industrial district, I even managed to set the explosives just right to bury people alive in the rubble where they may take days to die! That should impress Agony. Unfortunately somehow out of the rubble crawled three giant spiders. Personally I have no issue with spiders but these creatures were grotesque. The creatures also must have some powerful senses (telepathy perhaps?) as they sensed us lying in wait and when I cast greater invisibility on myself it remarked I lit up like a candle (arcane sight for certain, a useful capability to be sure I think I’ll invest in it myself). Still we vanquished one of them without too much effort…



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