Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Letter 2

Theri's (late) adventure log

Dear Ròwe,

I have completed another mission. But this one did not go as planned. We were supposed to go in an abandoned necromancer’s castle. The place used to be surrounded by giants but we did not encounter any, luckily for us. We went in through a broken window. We made our way to the upper floors. It was protected by a magic seal on the door and one of our party members got shocked by the electric bolt. There was a room with two statues and a fire on. I knew we had to be careful with those statues – they were golems. Under the fire was hidden the necromancer’s journal. A encrypted record of what he had been doing. However, removing this this journal led to the golems attacking us. We fought them off and even if they resisted my arrows at first I managed to heal some of my party members and bring down one of the two golems with a final arrow.
After dealing with this problem we made our way to the basement. We were supposed to look for some kind of energy source the Wraith had picked up in his four 400 years of imprisonment. He could not tell what it was an the journal was in a code so complicated it would take weeks to find out. The lower level was protected by yet another magic seal. We deactivated it and went inside. There was a cage floating there. We couldn’t tell what was in it. The human ranger sent her dragon to look at it and it just dropped before it could say anything as if it was to terrible to watch.
We tried to send the sorcerer up there using a rope but he fainted immediately. We concluded that looking at what was in this cage was dangerous. First we had to bring the mage back down. But we also wanted to find out what was in that cage, so people started proposing to bring the cage back down and advise then. The problem is that there was a hole, about 60 feet deep, which is where the human ranger’s familiar had fallen and we did not want the wizard to fall as well. The plan then was for the others to move the cage using magic and then cut the rope holding the wizard so he would fall on the cage. So we brought the cage back down with the wizard on it but the is when we noticed our big mistake: there was something in that cage that stayed in its position in the air. It started to get bigger. It was in fact a portal to another plain and if the others wanted to try and close it we all quickly realised it was useless.
As the Kobold kept demanding, we went hurried back to the ship and to bring down that castle with the ship’s canons. It took us about an hour to bring it down and when it was done we finally turned the ship back and contacted our superiors but they gave us the order to turn back and that they would send us wizards as backup. When our mage woke up he went back to try to translate the necromancer’s journal and I helped him but it it obviously wasn’t enough even if – relative to my low competence – I seemed to do well in translating this cypher.
The mages arrived and started moving the rubble to access that portal and try to seal it and after a few hours with most of us helping them – apart from the sorcerer who was still translating the journal – they finally dug to the bottom room. They went in with a couple soldiers and all were killed as we discovered their bodies while making our way through that tunnel. A strange creature arrived and screamed such a horrible scream, something like nothing I had ever heard before. The mage and the necromancer stayed but all the others ran away, including me even though I looked back and tried to tell them not to stay there.
From what I gathered the portal could not be closed and kept getting bigger. The mage tried to send his spirit animal in the portal and lost the link between them. In the end it was decided that the planet had to be evacuated as more and more dangerous creatures were pouring through the portal.
All those people that died in this tunnel, all the people that lost their homes. And I know I could have done something. I should have paid more attention to the fact that when the wizard rocked the cage around the light did not seem to move. I could have saved those people. I should have remembered those hour listening to the tales of the dwarves and the halflings in the forest. I could have saved this planet. And I feel terribly guilty for that.
This is all I have to say about this mission, I feel terribly guilty. I am writing this letter to you on my way to a palace-world built by the empire. These humans are definitely crazy. How can they be trusted when they disrespect nature so much? It seems I am starting to be part of them now, as I was implicated in the loss of a planet. I feel guilty beyond measure. And I am so sorry for all these people. I do not want to become like those humans. But I will have to go now, the necromancer’s journal has not yet been deciphered completely and I want to practise my magic before we arrive – which should be shortly. I am so ashamed of what happened that I am trying to hide from everyone on the ship anyways, so I doubt I will have the leisure to just sit down and write much. I expect that we are going to go on a mission pretty soon after that. I will write you another letter then. No matter how much I stay with those humans, I will never forget you.

Your brother,



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