Fall From Grace (Cameron's Sunday afternoon game)

Commodore's Log 3

A somewhat successful venture

After the defeat of the Orcish horde, despite Torrin’s efforts to get himself killed, we recuperated and headed off to the city. Teleporting in we were somewhat surprised to see 60 Illithids manning some weird gun, who’d have thought they actually man artillery positions. Anyway we attacked one of them (after toying with the idea of detonating the ship that was under construction, that would be too destructive even for us) and I used the weird gun. Twas a laser that elven kind was not meant to wield, killing that many so easily should not be possible or allowed. It’s unsporting, war is a contest of strength and honour, not whatever the hell that was. Anyway after killing literally over a hundred of the damn things, we went to find the power source. Turns out their weird technology can talk, to individuals, without the others knowing. Made me look quite silly. Although after all their blabbing I swear I heard my boots squeak and why did my sweets turn into gunpowder. Damn Nyarlotep. Anyway we went to the palace promising to free the tacking machine. In the palace we discovered that many had died around the table and had disintegrated. For some reason this didn’t unsettle us as we marched towards a large globe in the back that was covered in a cloth and dust. Torrin was quite proud of himself thinking to use unseen servant to remove the cloth as he promptly collapsed dead. He didn’t have a good time with this mission. Anyway we killed the beholder, the monk literally punched it’s brains out. Very impressive, imagine what he would be capable of if he knew how to use a weapon. Anyway Tara brought Torrin back, he seemed different since his 10 minute trip to hell. So we released the machine that then turned into some construct, it disabled the defences and turned them on the defenders while also messing with the “navigation systems” (whatever that means) on the illithid ship which then crashed. We fired the flare and I aided the undead in the assault on the city. All in all, I think it was successful.



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